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Although TMARC does not at present have available a publicly searchable database, we do have an extensive database on both human subjects and animals that include, for humans: background history, neuromedical examinations, neurocognitive testing, laboratory measures, and in some instances more advanced neuroimaging and behavioral data.

We welcome external investigators who may wish to take advantage of this dataset, and anyone interested should contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will assign one of our staff or faculty experts to discuss with you what your interests are, and how we may be of assistance. Ideally, we would encourage establishment with external scientists a collaborative model such that we might pursue interesting feasibility studies together with the idea of generating pilot information that would inform a more mature application to NIH.

It should be noted that in addition to the extensive TMARC database, under the general umbrella of the HIV Neurobehavioral Research Program (HNRP) we have the capacity of coordinating TMARC data with the broader set of human data that have been collected through other HNRP programs. In many instances these programs gather neuromedical, neurocognitive, and laboratory data that are comparable to those obtained in TMARC, thereby enabling a richer set of studies with subjects that do not have some of the risk factors that qualify for TMARC itself.

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Available TMARC Resources

TMARC is able to provide fluid specimens, pilot data, and analysis and interpretation expertise for qualified investigators. Below is a listing of some of the key data that are available from the TMARC Cores and Projects.


Table 1. Resource and activities of TMARC Cores that improve efficiency and provide cost savings to TMARC studies

Service Area

Specific Function

Data Management

  • Forms development
  • Central database
  • Site software licensing
  • Computing workstations
  • Web-based utilities
  • Data quality assurance
  • IT support


  • Consultation and analyses


Coordination of Participant activity

  • Outreach activities
  • Community education
  • Advertising
  • Participant Tracking/Scheduling
  • Contact database
  • Screening


  • Medical history, Laboratory values
  • Neuromedical ratings


  • Neurocognitive and psychiatric assessment
  • Domain and overall cognitive functioning
  • Standardized measures
  • Expert review

Fluids Storage*

  • Freezer storage facilities
  • Sample tracking

Brain imaging*

  • Image analysis software
  • Image analysis computers

Neurobiology, Neuropathology*

  • Molecular biology equipment
  • Brain tissue culture resource
  • Electrophysiologist expertise

Standardized Animal Protocols*

  • e.g., METH dosing
  • e.g., gp120tg and iTat-tg mouse models

* Also includes training, mentorship, and consultation for national and international collaborations

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