TMARC Pilot Studies - Completed

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A Metacognition-based Approach to Improve HIV-associated Neurocognitive Disorders Among METH Users (Blackstone)
Animal Imaging (Brown)
Assessment & Remediation of Real-world Functions in METH & HIV Using Virtual Reality (Iudicello)
Association of Free Mitochondrial DNA & Mitochondrial Genetic Defects with Neurological Damage & Neurocognitive Decline During HIV Infection & METH Use (PĂ©rez-Santiago)
Brain Immunophilin Response to METH Associated Neuronal Stress in HIV Infection (Tatro)
Effect of METH Use on Vascular Pathology in the HIV-infected Brain (Soontornniyomkij)
Effects of HIV/Tat Protein Expression on Spatial Learning & Memory in Mice (Kesby)
Effects of METH Dependence & HIV Infection on Cerebrovascular Function (Gongvatana)
Impact of Recurrent METH Use on Immunologic & Virologic Markers During Suppressive ART (Massanella Luna)
Influence of METH on Lymphocyte Migration & Activation (Schrier)
Intraindividual Neurocognitive Variability in Acute METH Users (Morgan)
METH & Immune Senescence in Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) Cells in HIV Infection (Schrier)
METH Effects on Epigenetic Regulation of HIV-1 in the Brain (Desplats)
Physical Activity & Heart Rate Variability in HIV+/METH+ (Henry)
Real World Risk Taking & Disinhibition Associated with METH & HIV: Automobile Driving (Marcotte)
Self-Generation of Prospective Memory in HIV-Infected METH Users (Weber)
The Combined Effects of HIV & METH on Brain Vascular Aging (Soontornniyomkij)
Theory of Mind & Risk Behavior in HIV Infection & METH Dependence (Cattie)
TLR Signaling in the METH/HIV Brain (Sabouri)

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