J. Hampton Atkinson, M.D., Unit Chief

The overarching aim of the Participant Unit is to identify and enroll research volunteers as required by those Projects that involve human research.

  1. Ensure successful human subject accrual and retention by establishing and maintaining cooperative, productive relationships with the participants and collaborating community agencies.
  2. Screen interested individuals for eligibility and consent and enroll eligible persons into the studies.
  3. Ensure informed consent and compliance with Institutional Review Board (IRB) regulatory requirements.
  4. Assure appropriate cohort diversity by attending to under-represented populations including women, older individuals, ethnic and racial minorities, and working to mitigate barriers to participation (e.g., flexible scheduling, transportation, child care).
  5. Schedule and ensure completion of all TMARC-associated research assessments.
  6. Provide consultation and technical assistance related to enrollment and retention of study participants to new Investigators and Pilot Studies.
  7. Receive and evaluate feedback from participants (via the Participant Advisory Board (PAB)) and community (via the Community Advisory Board (CAB)) to improve the Center’s performance.
  8. Educate participants and the community regarding TMARC study findings.

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