Dr. Young Now President of the International Behavioral Neuroscience Society

Dr. Jared W. Young (Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry) is heavily involved in our TMARC studies, including assessing the cognitive and behavioral changes that occur in people living with HIV and the rodent models used to investigate mechanisms underlying such changes. 

We are proud to announce that the excellence of behavioral neuroscientific research conducted by Dr. Young was recently recognized as he was voted to be President of the International Behavioral Neuroscience Society (IBNS). 

The IBNS is a long-standing society (>25 years) members of whom utilize behavioral neuroscientific tools to understand neural mechanisms underlying behavior, from normal to diseased states, including mechanisms underlying substance abuse and psychiatric conditions.  This

Society attempts to bring such behavioral neuroscientific research internationally, with Society meetings occurring across the globe from Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Hiroshima (Japan), Budapest (Hungary), to Cairns (Australia) this year 2019 and Dr. Young’s country of origin Glasgow (Scotland) in 2020.  IBNS has also visited numerous locations in North America, including Boca Raton (Florida), Vancouver (British Columbia), and Steamboat Springs (Colorado).  IBNS attracts some of the world’s best behavioral neuroscientists as symposium Chairs and Keynote speakers, while also providing funding for students to attend each year, making 20-25 travel awards each year.  Dr. Young has been heavily involved with IBNS for over 10 years, from being Student Council representative, to US Council member, and Program Committee Chair.  He recently spearheaded the Mentor/Mentee plus Diversity and Code of Conduct initiatives supported by the Society which has been adopted this year and will continually evolve. 

We encourage others to get involved in the Society either by contacting Dr. Young directly, or by visiting its website:  http://ibnsconnect.org/

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