Erica Weber and Jordan Cattie awarded their PhDs on June 14, 2015

Dr. Igor Grant, Director of the TMARC, congratulates Erica Weber and Jordan Cattie who were awarded their PhDs at the UCSD graduation ceremony on June 14, 2015. Both Dr. Weber and Dr. Cattie's dissertations were conducted under the direction of investigators at UCSD's NIDA Center of Excellence, the Translational Methamphetamine AIDS Research Center.  The titles of their dissertations are "Self-Generation of Prospective Memory in HIV-Infected Methamphetamine Users" (Weber) and Theory of Mind and Risk Behavior in Individuals with HIV and Methamphetamine Dependence (Cattie). Dr Weber heads to the Kessler Foundation in New Jersey for a postdoctoral fellowship while Dr. Cattie will be doing her postdoc at McLean Hospital. Congratulations Drs. Weber and Cattie!

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